Essay on Dante, The Divine Comedy Lll : Paradise By Dorothy L

Essay on Dante, The Divine Comedy Lll : Paradise By Dorothy L

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In the reading of Dante, you will find that you absorb much from him. Or you find that you have learned that you will be glad that you do not have to read it again for a grade. Dante is very poetic and most of it is hard to understand. You may feel that you need to go and get another degree to understand what he is saying. There is one thing that may catch your eye on how you can best understand on being charitable.
Dante in his book he wrote, “As bees fly back and forth, now in the flowers busying themselves, and now intent to wend where all their toil is turned to sweetest stores, so did the host of Angels now descend amid the flowers of the countless leaves, now rise to where their love dwells without end.” (Dante, The Divine Comedy lll: Paradise, by Dorothy L. Sayers page 327)
Sweet stories will show the love for others so that the angels do attend. One that has been told is a woman was uncertain of herself not knowing what to do; she felt that she had no friends that she could talk to. She felt alone, being pregnant with their first child and felt that she had no friends that she could call and talk to about her frustrations that she was feeling. They were renting a home from her in laws. While they were trying to sell the home, yet she did not feel that she could do anything right. Her hormones seemed to be malfunctioning and she had been crying. When her doorbell rang and it was someone asking to see how much the house was? The woman at the door told her that she felt impressed to stop and see how much the house cost. Therefore, she started talking to this woman, she told her about the house, and the woman asked if she was all right. She told her yes and then the woman that was inquiring about the house said...

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...r she finds that she has helped her from despair. She does not know what to do for her, because of her child leaves to go the school on Friday and does not come home until Sunday night. Not knowing where her daughter has been all weekend long. Angels work this way. Always lifting others and asking for nothing in return. We all can be angels in our own right.
Many examples can be given to give charity to others. Just a smile is one way that you can give charity. You do not know what others are going through and that smile might be the ticket that they need at that time.
When we are constantly working as Dante described as a worker bee it would be like Mother Teresa, giving her whole life to others. We may not be a Mother Teresa, yet we can be an angel to others. Always finding the nectar of the flowers that is given to us when we give charity to one another.

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