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Dante 's View On The Sinner 's Crime Essays

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God wants humanity to live according to the Bible because it will cause humanity to care about each other and reduce chaos. In addition, most individuals define hell as a place where souls are eternally punished for their sins. While heaven is defined as a peaceful place that souls are eternally content for living in God’s way. Moreover, in The Inferno, Dante strayed from glorifying God and therefore visited Hell, so he could see the consequence of his sins and sins others. Dante strayed because he was seeking knowledge for his own interest and refrained from glorifying God. Additionally, this paper will discuss how Dante used contrapasso and untraditional theology of religion to perceive the sinner’s crime. This paper will also discuss how Dante used the organization of sins to demonstrate how he perceived the sinner’s crime.
Dante used contrapasso to perceive the sinner’s crime. Contrapasso is a law that every sinner’s crime must have equal punishment. Each sinner is punished differently according to their crime. According to Joseph Kameen, a writer from Boston University, “ [Dante indicates that] strong or weak or proud souls all have different levels of punishment in Hell because they all led different lives and there¬fore find themselves at different ends” ( 39). The Violent Against Neighbors, who are murders and war makers were located in the seventh circle, first round of Hell. The Violent Against Neighbors were punished by being submerged in boiling blood of others, and each murder was submerged according to their level of guilt. The Violent Against Neighbors were punished through boiling blood because they shed blood of their neighbors. Also, Dante views the Violent Against Neighbors ' punishment acceptable because the...

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...ganized the sins to illustrate how he viewed the sinner’s crime. In addition, Dante utilized contrapasso to demonstrate how the Sowers of Discord’s punishment were equal to the sin they committed. The Sowers of Discord were mutilated by a sword, since they mutilated religion or a community. Therefore, Dante viewed the Sowers of Discord with satisfaction. Furthermore, Dante utilized a heterodox theology to perceive the Carnals’ sin because he wanted to forgive the sins that the church could not forgive. Therefore, Dante viewed the Carnals with sympathy. Moreover, Dante organized the sins by using the Aristotelian system with a Christian framework. Therefore, Dante believed that true happiness is obtained by only having Christian virtues and a unity with God. Consequently, individuals can grasp from Dante that God wanted humanity to follow His ways by using the Bible.

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