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Dante 's Influence On The World Essay

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Dante was born in Florence, Italy, this was where he shaped his identity, a place he hated. He was influenced by a famous scholar of his time, Brunetto Latini, was his old teacher. He Beatrice when they were young and she was the love of his life, she was very influential in his work. Dante became a public figure when he argued against the authority for morals and religious beliefs. He had a career in politics, and was appointed by City Council. There were two political parties in Italy, The Guelph’s, who was in support of the pope he was the ruler of the church, it was his belief that he should not be allowed to be involved in secular matters; and the Ghibellines, it was their belief that the pope should rule both morality and religion conflicts. Dante was a member of the Guelph political party, and was sent on missions to make peace between the two parties. His position to the pope’s interventions in the alliance of several city-states caused him to be in conflict with the governing pope. When he was on a mission in Rome to organize a treaty between both parties, false charges were made against him: He was charged with corruption, conspiracy against peace between the city, and showed resentment toward the pope. He was given a hefty fine and was ordered to report to the Council to defend himself. Dante was in fear for his life, and did not show to the face his charges. An even larger punishment was enforced. They seized all his property, when he was caught, he was to be burned, his two sons were banned from Italy. Dante was exiled from his hometown, and was never to return. While he was in exile, he joined other politic, but he found they were not of good character. He became a very well know poet by writing the “The Divine Comed...

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...ook that banned him from his home town. The autobiography was about the afterlife and the characters that played in the realms where closest to him. The reason he wrote the story was for Beatrice. Dante spoke French, the book is separated from his reality, it must have been hard for him not to be able to return home for 20 years even though he had many supports. The book was based on his life and he felt “inferno” he was torn between good and evil due to Beatrice, he doesn’t feel that he can go to heaven. He feels as though he is being punished by Lucifer and the demons until he asked god for his forgiveness. He has sinned in many ways flesh, anger and reason. The giant three-head Satan is stuck in ice and will not let anyone lose until God helps them out. There are many souls he has meet and they have done wrong by others, so they are sent to hell to be tormented.

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