Essay on Daniel Half Human And The Good Nazi

Essay on Daniel Half Human And The Good Nazi

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PAT #2

Daniel Half Human and the Good Nazi by David Chotjewitz
     When I initially looked at the title I immediately wondered if this story was being told from the Nazi perspective or a person who had interaction with Nazi. After looking at the front page and reading the title I thought the book was going to be about a a person who was hiding his identity. The front page which contained a black silhouette of person who looks like a kids with the Nazi sign on his shoulder. The shadow of the black silhouette had a star of David on the shoulder. My initial thought was the Nazi was hiding his ancestry. Another thing that caught my eye was the color of the book, which was blood red. Before looking at the back summary or first page I prepared myself for a book that would break my heart. After reading the back summary I was intrigued to discover which boy would join the Hitler Youth and who couldn’t. After reading the first page I was intrigued because the book seemed to be happening after the war.

Inspiring Dialogue Chapter 2
This chapter title was Taking a Dialogic Stance to Stimulate Learning Talk. After reading last weeks chapter I thought this chapter was going to be about bringing dialogic talk in to the classroom. I was preparing myself to learn about bringing dialogic talk into the classroom and learning different approaches to bringing it into the classroom. The title of the chapter hinted at how dialogic talk can stimulate talk in the classroom.

Text and Context Chapter 6
This chapters title was Connecting the text. I had no idea what this chapter was going to be about. From the chapter and glancing at the different subtitles I thought this chapter was about different text that have happened through the...

... middle of paper ... many things that happened such as money, and girls, and war. I would start out the discussion in student-student-interaction, which would lead into a classroom discussion. Personally I think the student-student-interaction or small group work would allow students to process their individual thinking. Also, I think small group work allows each student more time to express themselves and think about different issues that came up in the book. Daniel Half Human and the Good Nazi is a great book, but it is a book that needs a dialogic classroom. The book covers a lot of ethic issues that some students will have a harder time grasping the different issues that occur in the book. This book would be beneficial in the classroom because it covers such an intense topic, but the way the book is written allows the reader to feel the different emotions that Daniel went through.

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