Daniel 9 : 24-27 And Their Relationship On God 's Final Plan For Israel Essay

Daniel 9 : 24-27 And Their Relationship On God 's Final Plan For Israel Essay

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The meaning of Daniel 9:24-27 is to provide a message of life and an assurance that the Lord has sovereignly decreed a forthcoming timeline of events concerning the restoration Israel, the coming Messiah and the establishment of his kingdom. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the various eschatological elements present in Daniel 9:24-27 and their relationship to God’s final plan for Israel. The study was initially undertaken through an inductive analysis of the passage followed by a review of commentaries and theological encyclopedias. Additionally, various secondary sources were utilized to focus on the individual components of the passage and the continuous academic discussion concerning its purpose and significance. The paper will begin with an introduction outlining the purpose, the genre, and the context of Daniel 9:24-27. The subsequent sections will give a verse by verse exegesis that interacts with the author’s inductive analysis as well as the primary and secondary sources. Also, attention will be given to determining the meaning of the “seventy ‘sevens’”” (v. 24), the identification of the “Anointed One” (v. 25), and “the ruler who will come” (v. 26). Finally, a concise application of the text for the modern Christian audience will be offered.
The book of Daniel was written from 605 to 530 B.C. in both Aramaic (2:4 – 7:28) and Hebrew (1:1 – 2:3; 8:1 – 12:13) by Daniel during the reigns of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius the Mede, and Cyrus. Much of the writing is a historical narrative; however, chapters seven through twelve are also apocalyptic. Chapter nine is written Hebrew as it deals directly with Israel and its future as opposed to the Gentile nations.
The context of Daniel 9:24-37 is grounde...

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... theme flowing through the passage. Still, further studies by the author of this paper concerning biblical Hebrew might reveal new insights into the verb usage and overall interpretation of the phrase.
The final item, “to anoint the most holy,” has created some debate as to the object of this anointing. Some scholars believe that this refers to the future temple of the millennial kingdom linking it to Ezekiel 40-48, while others remain undecided. Other scholars note that while the concern in 539 B.C. was the holy city of Jerusalem and the temple, it is ultimately a man that was to be anointed (Matt. 12:6). This author is unable to draw a definitive conclusion concerning the object of the anointing; however, in keeping with the eschatological theme of the proceeding points, the most likely object of the anointing is the consecration of the millennial temple.

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