The Dangers Our Children Face on the Internet Essay

The Dangers Our Children Face on the Internet Essay

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We live in a society that thrives on technology; it is pervasive throughout our daily lives. Everyone seems to have an iPod, cell phone, or laptop with them at all times. We have become a completely connected society with our Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. It is hard to argue that technology hasn’t improved our lives through medicine, communication, and entertainment. Our children face an increasing number of dangers on the Internet. Sexual predators, cyber bullying, and pornography are the most prevalent dangers our children face on the Internet; the best way to protect them is to be an involved and informed Parent. Sexual predators on the Internet are a topic that has received lots of attention from the media in recent years. Shows like Datelines: To Catch a Predator have highlighted the issue and shown that it can happen in even the smallest communities. For predators the Internet provides a sense of security and anonymity. They use chatrooms and social networking sites to find and gain the trust of vulnerable children. The anonymity of the Internet and its global nature provides a large degree of security for prosecution for Internet predators. Law enforcement agencies face some atypical challenges in attempting to prosecute Internet crimes. Local police departments rarely are equipped to handle Internet predators due to the nature of the crimes. Laws have also been slow to keep pace with changing technologies. A Lack of physical evidence or crime scene is just two of the challenges facing law enforcement agencies in the prosecution of cyber crimes. The burden for investigating Internet crimes often falls to federal agencies because of the potential interstate nature of the crimes and their broad resources. Cyber bullying is ...

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...his family’s lives and discusses his choice in his essay No Technology? No Problem. He explains how for 12 years he has lived with minimal technology or as he puts it, “I am merely wading in technology.” The majority of us must find a balance of technology in our lives. We can enjoy the benefits of having a computer and Internet access while protecting our children. Parents and children face many dangers on the Internet, but despite the dangers posed by sexual predators, cyber bullying, and pornography, with good parenting we can protect our children while they use the Internet.  

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