The Dangers of Using Birth Control Pills

The Dangers of Using Birth Control Pills

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Birth control pills should be removed from general consumption because of physical changes, emotional changes, and synthetic hormones. Birth control pills are very dangerous it could come with a lot affects. The few effect that birth control pills come with is that is more serious, although rare woman that take the pill are in the risk of having a heart attacks, high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes, liver tumor, and gallstone. These effects are most likely not to happen to woman the chances are very low. A woman is more at risk if she is overweight and older than 35 years old of having a heart attack or stroke.
The physical changes due to taking birth control pills is that it cause headaches, and o go migraines and who hates headaches and migraines. Migraines cause women hormones to go crazy and out of control. Also by taking the pill women see that there migraines got better or in some women see that there headaches or migraines get worse by the day due to how much dose women are prescribed. Another physical change is by taking the pill is weight gain, acne, and breast enlargement.
Birth control pills as well cause acne to increase or decrease because every woman’s body is different and birth control acts in different ways. The pills acts on women in different ways because due to acne the pill my help you with your problem and for others it might worsen there acne. Acne due to birth control when you get off the pill it might go back how your body acted on acne before because the getting off the pill most likely would not make you break out afterwards. Probably after three months most acne problems might come back after a while you are off the pill.
Most women using birth control can cause women to breakthrough bleeding in other words make women menstrual cycle come weeks earlier before they are due. Some women break through bleeding is very common but if you miss taking the pill the same day every day then maybe that is why you are got breakthrough bleeding. Another reason why women break through bleeding is because they might take other medication that may affect the absorption of the pill. If women still breakthrough bleeding is because some women get the pill over the counter and sometimes women smoke will on the pill but if you are not prescribed the doctor if you could smoke will on the pill.

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Due to smoking the pills might also not be able to absorb in your body and it is going to cause the pill not work on you.
Emotional changes due to being on the birth control pill you are going to experience women are going to get irritated by any little thing. Women hormones are all over and they can’t control them. Women get irritated because there is a lot going on with their body like breast enlargement, dizziness, feel more tired than usual, and having nervous feelings. When women feel like that there breast are full it is just one of the effect of being the pill. Some women gain weight while on the pill when others do not even gain a single pound. It all depends that women have a nice healthy diet and keep on with there exercised. For some women it does not matter if or not they are on the pill they just do not gain weight because it just depend on how their body is.
Some women just get depress for being on the pill because some women after they give birth are not the same. Some women’s personality changes them completely. Women should get there hormones checks before taking the pill. Also get there hormones after there off the pills t depressed is because they are experiencing the all the normally changes due to being on the pill like your blood sugar being very high and after three month your body just got used to being on the pill. One moment a woman could just be depressed because her hormones just wanted to acted up for no apparent reason.
Some women could just be very happy and hyper just because of being on the pill and not knowing what to do because they are on the pill. Women out of nowhere could just feel unsecure about themselves and if there are in a relationship they feel that there partner is being unfaithful to them. If some women have not been on the pill for some time they might not know how to react about their hormones but in their head they know that’s how the is making them act so some women just let moths pass by before they are back to normal.
By removing birth control from the market would be a great thing because women just could into other birth control methods and do not have to worry about if their hormones are going to ride then crazy. But almost every birth control methods have their effects and work on women in different ways. Most women take birth control pills because it has a positive side effect like it could improve your skin but are not aware of the dangers it cares. If women want to stay on the pill they are in there on risks of taking it. What women just do not realize is that the pill has some many effect they are still willing to take it even if they could get a heart attack, strokes, and get gallstones.
By not removing birth control pills off the marking is good thing because women have their way off having their menstrual cycle at any giving point they want. However, women that want to take birth control pills just have to risk of having a break through bleeding at their own risk. Women can protect themselves of not getting pregnant because some women aren’t just meant not to have kids. Birth control pills also help women not to have migraines no more or just help them reduce there migraines. Birth control pills also reduce women cramps and make it less painful. Most women just birth control pills because it improves your skin and it is true it does improve your skin to have a healthy glow. Other positive side effects birth control pills have is that it reduces excessive hair growth. The pills reduces the risk of having colorectal cancer within a year. Birth control pills help by reducing
The first synthetic hormone that birth control is made of is estrogen. The estrogen in birth control is due to that the pill makes women gain weight. Also estrogen in birth control pills is due to that estrogen is fully produce in the fertility of the eggs. Birth control pills work in a great way mostly because it contains lots of estrogen that can help your body work while women are in the menstrual cycle.

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Knowles book offer information to men and women that want to become parents to become parents and are willing to plan to become responsible parents. Planned Parenthood offer a peace of mind. The dangers of using control could change you’re a woman’s body and change your partners life as well. Using Birth control can have its advantage and its disadvantages like, a women’s menstrual cycle could last 3 days and the woman cycle could regular instead of irregular. The disadvantages of taking birth control is that women.
The information that I provided is that there is many ways you could choose birth control. The first and common one is birth control pills, a male could use condom, and a women as well would use condom for her protection. Getting on the depot shot does not harm a women’s breast milk. As well as using Norplant would reduce women getting pregnant.

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The information I just provides allows people to see what the government doesn’t allow us to do. The government doesn’t care about are personal beliefs of birth control and what it could do to help. For some women the insurance doesn’t cover their ability to purchase birth control pills.

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