The Dangers Of The Cell Phone Market Essay example

The Dangers Of The Cell Phone Market Essay example

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Raise your hand if you’re one of 44% of Americans that sleep next to their phones at every night. It’s true, so many of us are dependent on our mobile devices, that psychologists are now calling it the “Invisible Addiction”! Since its invention critics have debated every inch of the cell phone. From its usefulness and size, to its effects on health after prolonged usage. The conversation has since shifted. The cell phone market today is flooded with a plethora devices to choose from, sporting top of the line materials and industry leading software, but this just scratches the surface. With over 968 million worldwide smartphone sales in 2013, consumers are feeding into the latest technology that the market has to offer. Though they may become addicting our cell phones have become an essential part of our existence because it’ll save you time, help you stay connected and offer countless ways to improve your lifestyle.
The one of the biggest issues people face worldwide is time management. Everyone wishes there were more hours in each day! Luckily, our phones have been carving out time in our hectic schedule from its inception. The novice cell phone user or smartphone junkie, would all agree that our phones ( high or low tech) are big time savers in more ways that one. They resolve the issue of time because things we’d otherwise have to go out to do, we can do in the comfort of our homes, leaving room for more important items on our to-do list. For example, an inner city kid working and going to school has a lot on his or her plate. He has to commute everyday, keep on top of schedules, homework and studying, as well as maintain a social life. From his smartphone he can use GPS to get to where he’s going on time, revise text books on...

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... solidified its place on the market.
The cell phone has evidently evolved. Its helpful, time saving and communication abilities gives the cell phone its ubiquitous nature. Back in the old days the cell phone was much simpler. Its main and sometimes only function was to make or receive calls. Nowadays, phones are being shipped out ultra thin, weighing less than a number two pencil with countless features. Therefore, I implore you to learn the capabilities of your device. Learning how to use your cell phone correctly will greatly increase your productivity, giving you your monies worth and a hassle-free. I also encourage you to take advantage of all the offers that cell phones are now providing. Companies are paying millions of dollars in target cell phone campaigns often giving deep discounts, coupons and rebates on products we use everyday with mobile online options.

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