The Dangers of Tanning Essay

The Dangers of Tanning Essay

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Spring is finally here, and Spring Break and the Senior Prom are around corner. The teenagers and the college kids are planning a drive to the tanning salons or a day at the beach. The media has instilled in women that tan skin is a sign of youth and sex appeal. Some people go to the tanning salons and others spend hours outside in the sun to achieve the sun goddess look. Many don’t realize the dangers that come with the sun or a box with light bulbs that has more UVA radiation than the sun does. From fair to dark skin, people are being destroyed by the same UVA radiation that gives people that “sexy glow”. Being in the sun is inevitable, but people can still protect their skin from many forms of skin cancer by doing the simplest things. People are either blinded of this fact or they simply believe that it won’t happen to them.
In the 1800’s to the early 1900’s, shade of skin had determined the social classes. Those who were tan were seen as manual laborers and of low-class. Those who were paled skin were known to be wealthy and of high-class. It started in the 1920’s with a fashion designer, Coco Chanel, accidentally got burnt when visiting the French Riviera. Chanel liked the dark colored look of her new skin and decided to maintain the look by sun-bathing. (Tanning) When Chanel came back from her trip, people saw her and grown to like the tan look. In 1940’s, bathing suit became skimpier so more can show and allowed more skin to be tanned, and people started to use tanning oils. Then, tanned skin became a look that showed beauty. Today, tan skin has become a sign of youth and sex appeal. Some people have come to think of it as a “healthy glow”. But lately, tanning is become less popular then it once was. Actors and actresses ...

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