The Dangers Of Taking Supplements Essay

The Dangers Of Taking Supplements Essay

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The Dangers of Taking Supplements
Americans spend billions of dollars every year on vitamin and dietary supplements. Over 60 percent of Americans buy and take supplements for all sorts of reasons such as preventing illnesses, depression, weight loss, and even curing cancer (Hurley). They have also been used as an alternative to receive the nutrients that some people are unable to obtain naturally. However, controversies over the harmful uses of supplements have surfaced. Some say that major risks can negatively affect the overall well-being, while others still believe benefits still warrant their use. Although vitamin and dietary supplements are popular because of their convenience and practicality, they do more harm than what they are intended to do.
Vitamins are organic compounds that people need to maintain proper body functions. They are usually found in living entities such as plants and animals. All kinds of elements, such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K, are essential for several functions such as maintaining metabolism, growth, immunity defense, and maintaining an overall well-being. Without vitamins, people would still contract diseases, such as scurvy and rickets. Vitamin and dietary supplements have become popular in the past couple of years. They have been considered as an easy-to-swallow nutrient pill. Supplements have been used as an alternative of receiving nutrients that one may not be unable to receive by just eating whole foods. For example, Whey Protein, an easily digestible form of protein made of whey milk, contains cysteine that helps build muscle, suppresses appetite, and even help eat less (Berlatsky 122).
Many people falsely believe that vitamins and dietary supplements improve the body, but in reality...

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...rtant to allow powerful health industries to regulate the safety and the efficiency of the supplements. In Dan Hurley’s book Natural Causes: Death, Lies and Politics in America’s Vitamin and Herbal Supplement Industry, he suggest that we should let the Food and Drug Administration to further regulate the effectiveness and the protection of supplemental use (Hurley 264-265). Second, it is a vital need to teach the community about the use of supplements. There are many times where people are lured by false advertisement to buy many types of vitamins and supplements. Additionally, it is important to teach people about using the right amount of supplement as well as finding the right information about a certain pill. Most importantly, an emphasis need to be given on not relying on the supplement and obtaining the dietary and nutrient needs from whole food and exercising.

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