The Dangers Of Social Media Essay

The Dangers Of Social Media Essay

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As the young brown eyed girl scrolled down the page her eyes began to fill with tears, rage and sorrow. Ruthless comments were made such as go kill yourself, nobody wants you on this earth and you’re just a stupid dumb little bitch. She immediately began to cry as she thought to herself how is it possible that people are allowed to do these things over the internet. It is not at all uncommon that social media can make a person go crazy, feel worthless, ashamed, and the worst of all feel suicidal. The dangers of social media can range from a wide variety of things starting with pharming all the way down to bullying, doxing, spoofing and catfishing. No matter what the case maybe, when it comes to social media everyone should take the proper precautions when online.
In today’s society, social media and internet usage is at an all time high. Everyone from children to adults are finding themselves wrapped up in the dreadful sensation. Pharming is one of the social media dangers that may go unnoticed, but have immense results to them. Pharming is a tactic used to lure someone using a social media website to obtain personal and financial information in the form of email and text (Payne,1). While you think you just maybe browsing on your best friend’s Facebook profile you ‘re really at risk for handing out your personal information. That’s why it is crucial for you to know the difference between fraudulent websites versus ligament websites. In contrast, pharming is not the only danger that brings havoc into people’s life bullying is also one of the dreadful dangers.
One of the many prevailing dangers that have escalated over the years would be bullying. The birth of cyber bullying seems to be growing at a rapid rate just in the last ...

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... the IP address of that machine (1). With that being said spoofing can occur anytime and anywhere while on the internet. It is important that you are knowledgeable and realize how easy it can be to become a target of spoofing. In addition, In the 21st century social media has become a platform for the dangers of online dating such as Catfishing.
In conclusion, I have discussed the dangers of life taking experiences that social media can have on a person. In fact because such exposure to the internet is so risky it is wise to be cautious when on social networking sites. Even with all of the cons you should not be afraid to use the internet. The trick is that you have to learn the proper techniques and follow the right guidelines in order to protect yourself at all times. It is a resource that is valid and here to help us weathered its personal or businesses.

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The Dangers Of Social Media Essay

- As the young brown eyed girl scrolled down the page her eyes began to fill with tears, rage and sorrow. Ruthless comments were made such as go kill yourself, nobody wants you on this earth and you’re just a stupid dumb little bitch. She immediately began to cry as she thought to herself how is it possible that people are allowed to do these things over the internet. It is not at all uncommon that social media can make a person go crazy, feel worthless, ashamed, and the worst of all feel suicidal....   [tags: Internet, MySpace, Facebook, IP address]

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