The Dangers of Social Media Correlating to Privacy Essay

The Dangers of Social Media Correlating to Privacy Essay

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Social medias have become a big part of our society now, they are being used in all aspects of our life. We are connected twenty-four hours a day, at work, school, home, shopping etc. There is a necessity, a need to be connected to these social media’s, to feel like you are a part of society. With these growing numbers in being connected to social media’s on the web, there comes a growing desire for privacy and safety. In this paper I will discuss and analyze the social media’s themselves, the dangers that arise from them, and how all these correlate to privacy.
Defining Privacy
Privacy is “the state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one’s private life or affairs”, stated by Now if we look at this definition more closely, we could see that the subject should have control over their belongings. This definition states that the person is free from disturbance from others in their space or belongings. I don’t see how this could be true for the online networking system, because once you put something online, in the internet space, it is in a space that you can own. The internet space is seen as a public domain that you can participate in, it is a space that you can’t own and is no longer personal. We share this domain with millions of people all around the world, it doesn’t just belong to one individual or company, and it is similar to air. All people have access to air, it is a domain that all humans share, that no ‘one’ individual can own or demolish. We all contribute to the health of the air, from the use of our vehicles and factories, etc., just like the internet space. Anyone who has a connection to the internet can contribute to the effects of its health, such as putting viruses on it...

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