The Dangers Of Smoking Cigarettes Essay

The Dangers Of Smoking Cigarettes Essay

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The first that the reader 's eyes are drawn to is this large cartoon camel. The camel is wearing sun-glasses, a pink shirt, and a blazer. Besides the suave looking clothes, he has a cigarette in his mouth. Right to the right of this cool camel, is a pack of camel. One of the cigarettes is extended out for the picking. In the background, the Hollywood sign sets on sunset on a cloudless day. There is also a red sports car with an attractive woman on top of it. The women on car is a blonde bomb-shell wearing a tight pink dress and sunglasses. Now, slightly above the super cool camel it says “smooth character.” The font is that of a yellow shade and is bold. At the bottom in a small white box, which is so insignificant, it contains the health warning about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. The main attention is on the suave camel in the foreground. As mentioned, the sun is a setting which creates a beautiful layered sky of blue and magenta. This advertisement is not targeting adults, but rather the next generation of smokers. Which means the kids who would be seeing this ad in magazines. The message is clearly stated they are saying that smoking is ok. It will make them cool, successful, and get the hot babes.
It can convince that being a smoker can change a person 's life for the better because smoking will make awesome. It is also in a style which appeals to young children who love cartoons and it will catch the eye of the reader. Everyone who looks through the magazine will undoubtedly be allured to the cartoon camel in the front. By presenting the advertisement in this style they hope to convince the children that smoking is a great choice to make. It can appeal to kids because kids enjoy cartoons and the camel looks suave, suc...

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...and telling them to pull the trigger, but they do not stop there however they keep screaming pull the trigger. “Pull it!” Other than total lack of a conscience, they target children with their death parade. With the bright colors and the cartoon style it is no surprise that kids are naturally drawn to this promotion of a self-destructing lifestyle that many have fallen victim to. The camel is a clever image that sensationalizes the use of cigarettes. Of course kids are going to love this ad with is friendly tone. As previously stated this ad is remarkably effective and it haves a nearly if not completely genius design. The creators of this advertisement knew that it was targeting kids and that is the absolutely the worst thing about this advertisement. It amazingly inappropriate at its core and it destroys any good that could have been taken out of the advertisement.

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