Dangers of Smokeless Cigarettes Essay

Dangers of Smokeless Cigarettes Essay

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Ever thought about trying an electronic cigarette? Well many people believe that E-cigs are a safer alternative and not addicting. People do not realize or understand that they are not better for ones body and they are very addictive. Electronic cigarettes are a rechargeable device that lets a person inhale vaporized liquid that is filled with nicotine and other toxic chemicals, but what is great about them is that they have three components to them. These three factors are the battery, atomizer, and the cartridge. They were created to take the place of a cigarette and are suppose to act and feel like one. The smokeless creation is eventually going to kick out tobacco companies, so they say.

For those that are supporters of E-cigs may only know the healthy benefits of them or none at all. E-cigarettes, because there is no combustion and no tobacco, doesn’t have all that toxicity. So they believe that cause there is no tobacco it is healthy. Smokeless products do not cause harm to the bystanders, which is a big thing to people that, the product only causes harm to the one using them and not the ones around the person. The vaporing effect has not shown any signs of cancer or risks to a person’s lungs. People feel that this is safe because manufacturers are claiming that they are the safer product. They allow you to smoke as much as you want until it goes dead. This procedure allows you to vapor anywhere and everywhere because there is not the smell or the second hand smoke that will disrupt others. They have been said that they are completely safe.
On the contrary, companies that produce smokeless devices are not required to tell what they put in their product to tell whether their safe or not. So there is a sign right there th...

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...umed in one tube of juice so it is equally addicting as the other. This is why many people should try to get off this product because of the different addiction attached to it.
Many of the tobacco companies also are making these electronic cigarettes so they are making money off both anti cigarettes and pro cigarettes so either way you are giving in to the product. They are trying to get you because that how business is ran. So this is a battle of interest owning both sides of the spectrum. If someone is looking to quit smoking and decrease the nicotine intake to become a healthier person they should try cold turkey or even some medicine that the FDA approved that is much safer and not as harmful. So try a couple days and go with out nicotine see how much have better feelings, and then see if how much longer you can go with out an addiction or an unhealthy activity.

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