Dangers Of Prohibition : Why We Should Lower The Drinking Age Essay

Dangers Of Prohibition : Why We Should Lower The Drinking Age Essay

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According to “Perils of Prohibition: Why We Should Lower the Drinking Age to 18” author Elizabeth M Whelan article which she argues that now a days in society prohibiting the sale of alcohol beverages to young adults specially teens creates a bad atmosphere full of alcohol abuse. She supports this article by explaining two points: First, American teens, rather than European teens, don 't train well to know how to drink in moderation, and second, compare her daughter 's problem with her own when she was a college student, to see their differences during that time of age.

Whelan’s argument might be very interesting for teenager who thinks and dreams about alcohol beverages in his/her high school years, but in fact; there are no parents that become happier after reading this article. Her arguments has two points because it is very easy to persuade teens after reading it to wake them up and ask about their right, and it is very easy to persuade mature people to do not let their children drink alcohol even in 21 years old. It could be possible because there are lots of bad effect on their children bodies and brain, and also makes the society and environment more unsafe rather than a safe place.

Whelan’s argument focused on alcohol abuse and she believes that if we lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 this problem will be solve. She said that in some parts of the Europe teenager are used to use alcohol with moderation by drinking under their parents ' care in home just like a glass of wine at dinner. She supports her idea by saying in France, or Spain and Portugal the rate of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is lower than Unites States of America. However, “The ability to legally purchase alcoho...

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...e Drinking)

The problem, of course, is lower age of drinking from 21 to 18 or less according to Whelan’s argument. One can easily every parents can understand and persuade is disadvantages in bodies and brain of early drinking for their lovely children, and the other is rate of accident and rape in high schools years, or even do parents really wants to raise a alcohol addiction children! No one wants the unsafe society and environment for living. I think allowing teens to drive at age 16, or voting after 18, or also married, and even going to go to college does not mean that a person is mature enough to drink alcohol. Because we have a lower age to achieve some rights it does not mean that we have to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 too. As I mention drinking alcohol before late 20s is bad for every bodies because their brain does not developed well yet.

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