The Dangers Of Phil Hansen Essay

The Dangers Of Phil Hansen Essay

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Most people tend to let ones anxiety control him or her, their fears scare them and their obstacles get in their way. If one lets this get in his way, then there is no possible way that he will be able to overcome their obstacles. For example, a great artist named Phil Hansen was diagnosed with nerve damage and he let his obstacles get in his way of creating art. In addition to this, a journalist named James Collier suffered of anxiety and he let his anxiety control him. Hansen had to embrace his shake, Collier overcame his anxiety and I had to overcome anxiety at a certain point in my life as well. Overcoming obstacles will allow one to surpass his or her fear.
Phil Hansen wasn’t able to cease the limitations that would allow him to embrace his shake. Hansen couldn’t hold on tight to his pen to draw anymore. Hansen was upset, but he knew he had to control his shake. As a matter of fact, he stopped creating art for this reason and gave up creating art. Three years later he was diagnosed with permanent nerve damage. However, he was told to “to embrace the shake.” That’s when Hansen decided that his shake wasn’t going to stop him from creating art. Phil Hansen, the artist, started creating art out of different material. For example, he used 50 Starbuck’s cup and stacked them on top of each other and drew an imagine of an African American boy. He had several people email him telling him their life changing stories. He then created an image on a canvas using their stories. Later, he started destroying the art that he created he called it “Goodbye Art.” For example, he used over 7,000 matches to make an image of Jimmy Handers then he set it on fire. For instance, he would use temporary material like frozen wine and sidewalk chalk so th...

... middle of paper ... were still there, but not as many as before. Not only was I able to overcome my anxiety, but Phil Hansen and James Collier were also able to overcome their obstacles.
Given these points, if one wants to overcome his or her obstacles instead of backing away from situations that make them more anxious, confront them. One should see anxiety as an opportunity to grow. One can accomplish so much when he or she face their fears. Both Phil Hansen, James Collier and I had to overcome an obstacle that was in our path and helped accomplish what needed to be done. Anxiety is just another name for challenge. One can take the challenge and overcome his fears. One can’t simply let anxiety control him, their fears scare them and let obstacles get in their way and still expect positive outcomes. You’ll never eliminate your anxiety and fears by avoiding the things that caused it.

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