The Dangers of Panhandling Essay

The Dangers of Panhandling Essay

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It’s discouraging to witness a fellow human being sitting on the corner with a sign claiming to be homeless, starving, and desperate. When you witness a generous citizen hand the needy a couple dollars, hoping they fulfilled their wish of eating for the day, you experience a feeling of caring and joy. However, I have witnessed this several times, that same desperate woman on the corner in raggedy clothing and clumped hair. I felt contemplative about doing a so-called good deed until I witnessed her one night board a fairly new Jeep Liberty in a nearby parking lot. This baffled me and made me wonder who are desperate from the dishonest. Panhandling is a growing problem and what seems to me has become a trend in the United States today. It is hard to get away from panhandling and the negative effects it brings on society, including the panhandlers themselves. Thus, if I could ban anything in the world, I would ban panhandling.

Lately, panhandling has become a nuisance. It is uncommon to pull up to a busy intersection without seeing one, even multiple people on each corner with a sign in hand. It is degrading to the eye appeal in which they are panhandling. Seeing a large amount of panhandlers or even unkempt homeless citizens can make people uncomfortable around that area. Also, panhandlers leave a large amount of street pollution. Areas where panhandling is popular are usually littered with an excessive amount of trash such as: bottles, wrappers, and cigarette butts (which are not biodegradable). Panhandling has become such a problem that I have avoided certain areas I have great interest in. For instance, my friend and I had just departed the max train and started walking towards Saturday Market, It wasn’t even a minute before...

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...ith jobs that have lower standards but with a source of income. Jobs can involve something for the community like maintaining parks or picking up litter. Either way, they will be a step closer to becoming a part of the functional society we live in.

Banning panhandling has many positive effects. As stated in the sections above, society will be more comfortable going to the places they once avoided. Areas that used to have panhandling will be more inviting to travelers and those who currently reside there. The panhandler will learn what it’s like to earn the things they desire just like the majority of the human race. They will learn how to take on responsibilities and chose their priorities based off their need for survival. The dishonest can rejoin the rest of society and the ones who need help can receive proper assistance in order to function and thrive.

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