Essay about The Dangers Of Modern Eating

Essay about The Dangers Of Modern Eating

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The Dangers of Modern Eating

There is a serious problem with the health of people in American society, and most of the

problems have been connected to food and nutrition. This society now relies heavily on a lot of

convenient foods, which usually involve fast food, sugary ingredients, scant nutrients, and

undefinable flavorings. This convenience has come at a cost; obesity is now considered to be at

epidemic proportions, especially in the United States. Obesity itself is the leading cause of

dangerous health problems, like diabetes and cardiovascular issues. The food supply in today’s

American society is largely unhealthy, so people need to be more educated about the problem in

order to make healthier decisions.

When people often open a bag of chips, candy or anything edible they often don’t look

at the labeling or the nutrition facts. The nutrition facts tell you about portion intake for fats,

protein, fiber and carbohydrates, etc. Based on their metabolism there is a certain amount of

calories a person is to consume. The labeling normally informs you of calories per serving.

However, there are some people that serve themselves bigger quantities (“Under the …”). I think

if more people became concisely aware and followed the nutrition information on the labels,

then people like myself wouldn’t be at such a high percentage rate for obesity. The weight gain

for adults has increased 2x higher since the 1960s (“Diet and Obesity’). Nowadays it looks as if

parents are giving their children the same portion sizes as them. Because children from two

through five are at a weight they shouldn’t be at their age (“Diet and Obesity”). There are

children as young as six having gastric bypass surgery now

now mo...

... middle of paper ...


dinner. You would be amazed at the difference in calories by simply opting to have fruit instead

of fries. Manufactured items have additional items put in; completely filled with fat

carbohydrate’s “The pros and…”). Our appetite gravitates towards foods that are

sweet, salty and fatty, because we know such foods contain energy and nutrients that we need

for survival. Obviously, if a food manufacturer wants to succeed and get people to buy their

product, it has to taste good. People tend to consume; more fatty servings that are bigger

nowadays; especially when dining out (‘Diet and Obesity).

Prepacked produce isn’t always a bad thing. Sometime frozen produce is better and fresh

produce. Some fresh produce is packaged and sent to a store where it could sit for weeks and

lose its nutritional value versus when it is frozen when picked.

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