The Dangers of Mining of Uranium in Australia Essay

The Dangers of Mining of Uranium in Australia Essay

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Uranium has become a big issue as alternative energy resources in the future due to the shortage of fossil fuel as primary energy resources in the world. Australia is one of countries that have the largest uranium deposits in the globe. So, Australia has a big opportunity to make a lot of money from uranium exports to other countries. On the other hand, The Australian Government is still debating about this issue because of negative impact on uranium mining and exploration. For these reasons, some people believe that uranium mining has more positive impacts on economic such as, benefits from uranium exports and increase a new job opportunity. However, this essay will argue that provide certain restrictions on the nuclear weapons use of uranium, inefficient and ineffective nuclear power technology, and radioactive waste. Uranium could be used for material of nuclear weapons production that it can cause massive destruction. Moreover, nuclear power is not an efficient and effective energy resource because it is very expensive, it takes a long time to build a nuclear power station and waste storage problems. In addition, the mining of uranium will spread the radiation that it has harmful effects on human being.
The first argument against the limitations on uranium mining in Australia is economic benefit from this industry. According to International Journal of Environmental studies (2006), the first commercial mining in Australia was in 1950s for the American and British nuclear weapons programs. Then, in 1970s uranium deposit was discovered in South Australia, Queensland, and The Northern Territory. It becomes the main supply for uranium industry. They also point out that the industry has 40 per cent of the world uranium reserves....

... middle of paper ... to Australian Radiology (2007), radioactive has bad effect on human being. For example, radiation can cause damage to the fetus of pregnant females. Moreover, they also point out that this radiation in high doses can cause cancer in a long term because the radiation can change and make mutations the cell in human body. So, the mining of uranium and nuclear power have negative health impacts on human being.
In short, there are some arguments to support that uranium mining because it has more positive impacts on economic such as, benefits from uranium exports and creates a new job opportunity. However, the mining of uranium provided certain restrictions on using uranium for nuclear weapons productions, inefficient and ineffective nuclear power technology, and radioactive waste. Therefore, if those negative impacts can be resolved then uranium should be exploited.

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