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Dangers of Littering Essay

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It may seem harmless and innocent, but littering is an unhealthy habit people of all ages in each country do every day. Littering is a second nature to some people; after doing it for so long and often, they do not realize they do it. As more and more people continue to litter, environments, animals, and humans are being harmed by people’s carless actions. Americans, as well as all humans, need to be more aware of how hazardous and costly littering is to the world and the creatures living in it. Littering shows lack of respect for the world, and needs to be prevented in order for future generations to live in a clean and healthy environment.
Littering is the act of disposing of trash and unwanted materials improperly. The effects of littering are far more worse than some people think. Animals die, soil is less fertile, environments and habitats suffer, and quality of life decreases from litter. Not only can living things be harmed by litter; property and land is effected just as much. If a community or neighborhood has garbage on sidewalks, roads, or in yards of homes, property values of homes in the area can drop up to 7% (“Litter Prevention”, 6).
There is a wide range of information about littering people are not aware of, which is more than likely a reason a majority of people are not concerned about it. Information such as what is considered as litter, the most common areas for people to litter, ridiculous reasons why people litter, and the costs of littering. Educating humans with this information is key to preventing litter from becoming worse and more dangerous.
Each person has their own opinion on what is and is not considered as litter. When people litter food particles they feel as though they are doing a good ...

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...er. Step up, be a role model, and prove it is rewarding to live in a clean and safe country.

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