Essay on Dangers of Internet Misuse

Essay on Dangers of Internet Misuse

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Many services we use every day can have potentially dangerous and unpleasant side effects. Most of us use these services every day like E-mail, Chat Rooms, Instant Messaging, and Social Networking sites. Is access to the vast amounts of uncensored information available on the Internet harmful? These services, although convenient, could have undesired side effects. The next time you or family uses one of these services, please think about the topics discussed in this paper. It might help you avoid potentially dangerous or embarrassing situations.
When evaluating e-mail the following criteria are relevant. The first by using e-mail instead of regular mail, referred slangy as "Snail Mail,” we deny the post office valuable revenue by not buying stamps. This causes stamp prices to rise. The next criteria used when evaluating e-mail would be the impersonal style this form communication creates. Face-to-face communication allows anyone to express his or her message effectively. The final criteria used when evaluating e-mail was the security risks involved. Sensitive information could find its way into the wrong hands. This is concerning for Businesses. Some people consider the use of e-mail is perhaps the best form of communication ever created. Some of the reasons they give for this; include price, e-mail is free to use thus one does not have to pay postage. Other reasons include the convenience to keep in touch with people easily and almost immediately. Lastly, you have a permanent record of the document, which may be necessary for future use. The next issue also deals with a different Internet communication.
Instant messaging was a service initially developed for use while on the Internet. However, it has now integrated into numero...

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... useful tips to keep in mind would be the creditability of the source. Is the author published, are they stating facts or opinions, and what authority do they have on the subject. Opposing opinions feel right to free uncensored information is necessary.
In Conclusion, Perhaps, the topics covered in this paper have touched you in some special way. Possibly providing you with information, you may not have known. I hope it was both informative and that it provided enough information for you to make a fair judgment on the described topics. In the future the next time you or a member of your family use one of the services discussed in this paper, Perhaps, You will remember the some points made in this paper. Technology used responsibly can be a benefit and help us develop as a society. However, in the wrong hands it is but another weapon in an already expansive arsenal.

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