Essay on Dangers of Fear of Medical Procedures

Essay on Dangers of Fear of Medical Procedures

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, a phobia is an extreme or irrational fear towards something. Phobias are normally compared to ‘fears’. Usually fear is a normal part of life, as there are many things in life that seem to cause persons a slight sense of irritability, such as, insects, thieves, or even having operations. It is theorized that most people have a certain level of ‘sensible’ anxiety when faced with the vision of a medical treatment, especially when it might be ‘invasive’. Most humans show a tendency to be squeamish at the sight of blood, for instance. Phobias are naturally a very common phenomenon. Most, if not all persons have been affected by a phobia at some point in their lifetime. A phobia is a disorder in which the body reacts in the same way an individual is experiencing feelings of fear, however, in this case the ‘fight or flight’ mentally is normally inappropriate. Most people suffer from a fear of medical procedures. There are many different forms of this type of fear. Some of these forms may include the fear of surgery, the fear of dental work, the fear of needles and even iatrophobia (the fear of doctors). Most times, these fears are often overlooked; however, it has been studied and proven than if a patient has one of these fears to the extreme it could be immensely damaging to their health, especially physiologically. However, the fear of any medical procedure does not have to be necessarily physically in or surrounding the doctor’s office. There are fears that could also limit you from going to the physician, such as embarrassment. For instance, there are many men who would never engage a doctor about the illness that seems to be troubling them, such as impotency. Most men regard this as a sign that t...

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... that he may have read online. This nearly resulted in his death. This phobia proves to be the worst phobia that doctors face, when trying to convince a patient that everything on the internet is not necessarily true, and that the patients should come to them for better advice. An individual who is severely affected by a phobia would have an increase in heart rate, which could lead to a variety of other ailments, such as, fainting, seizures, nausea and even sweating. For those who have the fear of any sort of medical treatment in an extreme manor, there are specific coping treatments that could be taken. Psychological treatments are the treatment of choice, especially when dealing with this type of fear for medical procedure. One such treatment is, Exposure based treatment for instance – the exposure of the patient to the feared object without any necessary danger.

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