Essay on Dangers Of Distracted Driving By Courtney Ann Sanford

Essay on Dangers Of Distracted Driving By Courtney Ann Sanford

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In today’s day and age there are so many excuses for distracted driving. Lives are put at risk every time a distracted motorist is on the road, and deaths have increased by a substantial amount in the last ten years. On Thursday, April 26th, 2014 one woman’s bad judgement cost her life (Hastings, 1). Not only was she effected, but her friends and family assuredly felt a pain in their hearts. In the few seconds it took Courtney Ann Sanford to post a few words on Facebook, it was enough to distract her from the road and to drive across another lane and through a median straight into a Truck (Hastings, 1). She was immediately killed. Shortly before her Facebook post, she was sending selfies to her friends (Hastings, 3). This just goes to show how quickly a distraction can end a life, and possibly the lives of others. It’s not worth it. The pain and agony that her friends and family now have to endure is undeniably excruciating. There are so many teens on the road that think sending a quick text while on the road is completely harmless. However, it only takes a split second to lose control and put people into danger. Not only is texting and social media a distraction, but so it putting on your make up or eating. Although we understand the ramifications of distracted driving, thousands of American’s have taken the choice to put not only their life at risk, but the lives of every motorist they pass on the road when they are distracted by a cell phone.
When a parent sends their child off to school in the morning and says, “I love you” they send them off trusting that they will do everything in their power to keep them out of the face of danger. Getting a knock on your door from a state trooper saying that your child’s life has been take...

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...ll be fine.” At some point we need to realize this is not ok.
According to research there is a far too high percentage of 16% that states that 16% of all annual car accidents are caused by distracted driving (AAA Foundation, 1). There are around five thousand people who die every year to this easily fixable problem (AAA Foundation). Tragically the amount of people using their cell phone on the road has only increased throughout the years. There are more teens that find using their cell phone more accessible and there are more cell phones across America. We need to take a pledge to put down our phone. Its not worth the life of your best friend, a mother and daughter driving to school, or a family that didn’t have a choice because you weren’t paying attention. The 30 seconds it takes to send a text isn’t worth it. Put your phone away when you drive and save a life.

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