The Dangers Of Direct And Advertising Essay

The Dangers Of Direct And Advertising Essay

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In the article “The Dangers of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising” the author Lori Glass writes about the current issues today regarding advertisements for prescription medication on television. Glass’s main argument is that direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising for prescription medicine on television is harmful and manipulative to Americans. Some people would say that DTC advertisements aren’t harmful just simply made to inform people about drugs that are out there that could help with their current medical problem and what better way to do it than on television that millions of Americans watch daily. The goal of DTC advertisements is to educate people about the illness’s that are out there and the drug options. Also it’s said that maybe if patients knew more about the drugs they could feel more comfortable talking to their doctor about them. However, there some negative issues associated with type of advertising. Some advertisements influence the overuse of the drugs, they’re manipulative and are not monitored effectively like the proponents say they are. In a study done by Dominick L. Frosch from UCLA, it showed that viewers are focused more on the product versus the effects it has on someone because of the emotional appeals to the product (qtd. in Glass para 5). Commercials play with people’s emotions in that they show unrealistic storylines and make the viewer believe that whatever is happening to the person in the commercial it will have the same effect on them. Glass states that it’s not right nor is it okay that people get their emotions messed with. By law advertisers have to state the risks and side effects the drug they are advertising could have but it does not state how they have to do so. Some will put it in very small pr...

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...e in a way because now a day’s people make their own choices. I don’t think the author looked at it from a perspective that there are so many statements out there that tell one how DTC ads are manipulative and sneaky but yet there are still people out there buying the drugs. Even if people heard all the side effects and the risks, I think there would still be a small percentage of people who buy the drugs because Americans do what they want. According to Glass New Zealand and the United Sates are the only two countries that allow DTC advertising (para 13). I think this because they can get away with it in those places and have an easier time of manipulating people. New questions this article gave me are, Why do us Americans fall for these ads?, Why doesn’t the government see how harmful the ads truly are?, and Why do doctors just give out medication like its candy?.

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