Essay on Dangers of Cell Phones

Essay on Dangers of Cell Phones

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People out for a fun night together and everyone looking down at their phones. Everyone shooting texts, updating social media and answering calls. Cell phones have truly changed the way how people connect to other people. Thirty years ago you would have to walk up to the cute guy at the bar, but with modern technology you can just shoot him a text instead. When many people think of the dangers of cell phones they think of all the accidents that they cause by distracted drivers. Many people don’t realize that not only distracted driving makes cell phones dangerous but with just modern day use can cause health problems and put people at risk with pedophiles. When people think of cell phones they think that they’re nothing but beneficial and that they’ve done nothing but bring good to society. Cell phones are dangerous and many people don’t believe so.
About 25 percent of car accidents each year involved the use of a cell phone. Those accidents would also include hands-free calling which is what most people believe is the safer way to talk and drive without distraction. In some states they have banned the use of cell phones while driving period, with or without using hands-free. Arkansas, California, Delaware. Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia are all the states that banned the use of cell phones and the use hands-free calling. With more accidents rising and more deaths occurring from cell phone based accidents many states are passing new laws to prevent accidents from distracted driving. (Distracted Driving Awareness Month…)
In December 2012, “Distracted Driving |National Highway…” posted statistics that show that an estimated value of 171.3 billion text messag...

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