The Dangers of Cell Phones in Society Essay

The Dangers of Cell Phones in Society Essay

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In today’s society, having a cell phone is almost a necessity to the average person. With the increase of modern technology, cell phones have become a handheld personal computer, with the ability to navigate, communicate, and store massive amounts of information. Although these tools are very useful, the question of whether the tools of the cell phone are safe or not are constantly raised. I believe that cell phones are dangerous, because of threat posed to safety, academic integrity, and communication skills in our society.
The most prominent danger that exists with cell phones is threat they pose to safety. One threat to safety is the invasion of privacy. An invasion of privacy is defined as “the intrusion of one’s personal belongings property, which will leave him/her vulnerable to theft” (Legal Dictionary). This theft could range from physical property, to the person’s identity such as credit card, or social security information. If personal information is disclosed to the wrong person, there could be dire consequences. Saved information in the phone may allow for someone else to easily log into certain applications and retrieve personal information. Geotagging, which is the assignment of a location to photos, videos, or other posts made on the internet, could also lead to potential danger. With this technological integrity compromised, the issue of physical safety is also at stake.
A study on mobile phone theft conducted by Home Office Research Studies states that one major area that is affected is crime, where in most studies, the root of many robberies was a cell phone device. Phone theft is a more recent and popular crime within the last 10-15 years, with the motives similar to traditional robberies. A thief will st...

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