The Dangers Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse Essay

The Dangers Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse Essay

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The use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs during adolescence and early adulthood remains a serious health problem in the United States. Among the drug classes, alcohol is the most frequently used substance by adolescents and that is followed by marijuana and tobacco. The consequences of alcohol and drug abuse are critical on both a personal and social level. For the developing young adult drug and alcohol abuse threatens motivation, hinders the cognitive processes, increases the risk of accidental injury or death, and contributes to debilitating mood disorders. In addition, it contributes to educational failure, juvenile crime, increase in mental health services, and high cost in health care. Oftentimes, there are underlying mental health issues that are undiagnosed or existing conditions that are medicated which can invariably lead to an increase in adolescent alcohol and substance use disorder.
There are a myriad of cultural and societal risk factors that contribute adolescent alcohol and drug use. A risk factor is defined as “any attribute, characteristic or exposure of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or injury”. These risk factors can be identified through family history of substance use disorder, sense of inferiority, pleasure seeking, low self-esteem, unemployment, poor social support, desire to experiment and poor social support (Thomas, N. L., Naregal, P. M., Mohite, V. R., Tata, S. H., Karale, R. B., & Kakade, S. V. (2015).) Risk of drug abuse increases greatly during times of transition, such as changing schools, moving, or divorce. Additional peer risk factors include gang involvement or the reinforcement of negative norms and expectations within peer group, the lack of academic...

... middle of paper ... disorder is growing more every day and can have serious consequences not only for the user but also the family and friends and innocent bystanders. They can range from legal consequences or more severe such as acquiring an STD, overdose, or death. Just like adults, adolescents can become dependent and give up important responsibilities and activities. The more risk factors they are exposed to more likely they are to have access to drug/s of choice. Fortunately, there are many treatment and prevention methods they are employed to help decrease initiation of a particular substance or to help those who are impacted by this disease. There are several adolescents with a substance use disorder who also have one or more physiatrist disorders, whether from use or prior to drug use. This aspect will be important to the diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders.

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