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Dangers in Skyrim Essay

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There is a place where many adventures have gone and many have died. It is deep in the earth, filled with evil beings. The evil beings called falmer dwell in this old city. This is no ordinary old city, this is Blackreach. Blackreach is an old dwemer city that was filled with dwarves. The dwarves were mysteriously wiped out and the falmer inhibit the ruins now. The falmer alone make the place dangerous. The falmer were a great race of snow elves until the Aldimiri Dominion demolished them. They were sent into hiding and live in the caves. They adapted into foul, blind creatures that are very dangerous. They keep large scorpion-insect hybrids called chorus that have a deadly poison and are extremely powerful. The falmer are all around Blackreach and will make your adventure extremely dangerous. There are also many traps set by the dwemer such as pressure plates that will trigger fire to fly out at you, tripwires that will cause an axe to chop your head off and lastly the dwemer automatons that will attack you on sight. There is also great reward for diving deep into the ruins. There is gold, gems, jewels, and many dwemer items that are beyond our comprehension, but most importantly there is one item that has all the power in the world called the elder scroll. It contains all the knowledge in the universe but if you read it you will die. Only special monks can read it. All of these combined make the city of Blackreach the most dangerous place to adventure in Skyrim.

Chapter 1
As of the time I am writing this I am about to embark on an adventure so great I might die so I would like to share my adventure so far. One day in the snowy realm of Skyrim my life changed forever.
A warrior came up to me and asked me if I c...

... middle of paper ...

...rer. I go into the most dangerous ruins to find the most rewarding treasure. I was on my way from Morthal to Winterhold when I was stopped by a pair of Nords. They were suited up in armor looking like they were going to go fight a dragon. I asked why they were so heavily armed. They replied that they were going to an abandoned city. I do not know of any abandoned cities in Skyrim.
The bigger one of the two asked me if I would like to go on an adventure. I said that I was on my way to go to a “non abandoned city” but I would love to go on an adventure. He told me that we were going to Blackreach. I was completely unprepared for that. I only had my iron sword and hide shield so I can move faster. I said that if I was going to come I would have to go back to my house and get my gear. They said that they would wait for me at the gates of the elevator.
To Be Continued

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