The Dangers Embedded in the Media Essay

The Dangers Embedded in the Media Essay

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Day in and day out an enormous amount of Americans lounge in their comfort chairs with snacks, drinks, and a remote in hand watching the next great television series. Some American’s, however, enjoy watching the daily news report before work, school, or starting their day. They hope to receive the latest events, weather, and sports scores for the big games are welded in the minds of these individuals. But, more importantly technology and media has affected the younger generation more severely. The media controls the amount of violence filtered and viewed by consumers, as well as the amount of attention certain celebrities get, and depending on the amount of attention results in whom the generation mimics. This magnitude of influence brings reasonable cause to worry. The belief that media uses its influence positively and not having a negative effect on the younger generations is not only a false notion but it also purposely uses it to its advantage.
It is important to notice that everything done by an individual is influenced by what that person witnessed and experienced. One of the most influential sources today is television. There are some physical effects controlled by the media giving the younger generation today an image of what they should try to reproduce. “Teenagers, appropriate and transform, themselves to match the images in order to make sense of their lives” (Steele). What we see in the media as idols, role models, and popular figures are tall, sexy, and slender figures. Women with petite bodies and girls with a Barbie figures are always shown to be more popular or attractive while the overweight are portrayed as less popular, having fewer friends and being bullied. This leads to a notion that thin is sexy and fat ...

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...bly won’t cause an immediate and noticeable effect. But, after many years of programming, one’s thoughts become increasingly clouded and foggy, the ability to concentrate becomes hindered and judgment becomes impaired. Many of the negative effects that the media offers are shoved down our throats, and substances abused can be reversible. And you are the one who decides what enters your body, what enters in to your mind. Remember, your body is a temple; will you allow it to be desecrated?

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