The Dangers And Consequences Of Risky Drinking Essay

The Dangers And Consequences Of Risky Drinking Essay

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Problem Statement
The formative years of college are often associated with frequent drinking and partying (Champion, Lewis, & Meyers, 2015). Because 44% of college students partake in excessive alcohol consumption, universities throughout the nation have implemented programs that aim to educate students on the dangers and consequences of risky drinking (Champion, Lewis, & Meyers, 2015; Russet & Gressard, 2015). Despite the increase in alcohol education programs, excessive alcohol use is the third highest cause of lifestyle related death in the United States (Kenny & Grim, 2015). Additionally, it is estimated that 599,000 college students, ages 18-24, suffer from some alcohol related injury every year, and an additional 97,000 are victims of alcohol related sexual assault (White & Hingson, 2013). In the last 30 years, drinking rates in college students has not seen a decrease, and unless education programs can be improved, legal consequences, health issues, sexual assaults, memory loss, alcoholism, and even death will not decrease either (White & Hingson, 2013). While these problems are nationwide, the proposed study will focus on differences in rural and urban colleges and universities in Texas. Despite this, the information gathered in this study will provide a benefit nationally, as other states can note similar differences in their urban and rural universities.
By implementing appropriate education programs, student alcohol abuse will decline and the overall well being of the university and community will improve (Lombardi & Dupain, 2015; Russet & Gressard, 2015). It is important to understand the effect that excessive drinking has on individuals, as well as the effect on other systems that students come in contact wit...

... middle of paper ... which the individual exists (Vimont, 2012). The environment of the college students includes friends, significant others, family, religious affiliations, stressors from school and work, and even more distant social networks (Wang, Chua & Stefanone, 2015). As previously stated, other systems that extend beyond the individual student include the education system, law enforcement, healthcare, community, social work practice and others (Wolfe & Higgins, 2008). The proposed study suggests that because the environment of urban colleges and rural colleges are different by environmental name, there is a correlation between the populations and reasons students partake in excessive drinking. Due to these differences, the perspective of the students of rural and urban colleges may also differ. Therefore, the curriculum taught on alcohol education should be different as well.

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