Dangers And Benefits Of Adolescent Depression Essay

Dangers And Benefits Of Adolescent Depression Essay

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As reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), depression occurs in over 26% of adolescents and can lead to morbidity, mortality, and social problems that can last into adulthood (SCREENING FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS -- RISKS AND BENEFITS, 2015). Signs of adolescent depression can sometimes be different than adults, and possibly harder to identify. It is most often identified as an increase in negative behaviors or somatic complaints such as an upset stomach (SCREENING FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS -- RISKS AND BENEFITS, 2015). Behavioral changes that are associated with adolescent depression include an increase in irritability, tantrums, anger outbursts, decrease in school performance, and social isolation (SCREENING FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS -- RISKS AND BENEFITS, 2015). Also, adolescents who experience unidentified mental disorders are more likely to engage in risky behavior such as fighting, substance abuse, and unsafe sex (SCREENING FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS -- RISKS AND BENEFITS, 2015). An abhorrent result of adolescent depression is suicidal ideation and suicide. Adolescent depression is becoming more critical as the CDC also reported that suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents in 2011 (SCREENING FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS -- RISKS AND BENEFITS, 2015). This is higher than motor vehicle accidents and homicide.
Early detection and early intervention can be an effective solution for treating depressed teens. Screening in the health care setting at numerous appointments such as check-ups or physicals, will help to identify depressive disorders. Would an increased rate of adolescent depression screening at clinics and other areas of health-care, increase the rate of depress...

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... and give them the tools to potentially ascend the levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy and someday reach self-actualization.
Recognizing, identifying, supporting and assisting an adolescent who is depressed is important and can be a life saving measure. The research and statistics have shown that the numbers of undiagnosed depression and mortality rates of adolescent suicide, calls for an increase of adolescent depression screening in multiple areas of the health-care field. There needs to be an implemented and standardized increase of screening for adolescent depression amongst clinics, hospitals, and even schools. If the basic needs of children are not met, they may suffer from long lasting effects well into adulthood. It is clear that increasing the rate of screening, is not only convenient, but vital in improving the treatment rate of adolescent depression.

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