The Danger Of Poisoning By Human Agency Essay

The Danger Of Poisoning By Human Agency Essay

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Alongside natural and supernatural terrors, the danger of poisoning by human agency was recognized early (Ross); pollution, although unwillingly, is an example. Pollution is clearly evident in areas around the world and it is affecting not only the nature and animals around the polluted area, but it is also affecting humans. For example, air pollution is extremely strong in China, causing a number of health problems, such as damaging changes to the respiratory system. Another major type of pollution is water pollution, which by definition, is the contamination of large and small bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Pollutants come from a number of places, from factories, to sewage systems, to oil tankers. However, oil tankers only contribute to 12 percent of oil in the ocean. According to Chris Woodward, a british science writer, 70 percent of oil pollution at sea comes from routine shipping and from oils that are poured down drains on land (Woodward). Similar to most types of pollution, water pollution becomes more and more visible as the quantity of the pollution increases. To help prevent serious damages to the aquatic ecosystem and to inform others of the severity of water pollution, possible solutions and explanations of how water pollution occurs will be provided.
When water is polluted, the pollutant affects one of two water resources, which consists of the surface waters and the groundwater. Surface water pollution, such as oil spills, are much more noticeable on bodies of water. Groundwater pollution, such as weed killers that drain into the ground and into the sewers, affect the supply of most of our drinking water. There are many types of water pollution; point-source pollution, nonpoint-source pollutio...

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...ation can be seen near the ocean; sea water purification. Salt water can be purified through a process known as reverse osmosis, which can be used to remove many types of molecules from solutions, such as bacteria; although it can be used for drinking water, it is mainly used for the production of potable water.
Water pollution is a clear problem, and knowledge of it should be spread amongst people across the world, or even mentioned through educational programs. If pollution were to continue at the current rate that it is at now, than this would greatly affect how much water purification would be needed to make the water consumable once more. Water pollution becomes more noticeable as the amount of pollutant increases; so before the condition of bodies of water become horrendous, people should start taking action towards taking care of their limited supply of water.

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