Dancing Minimizes Depression and Promotes a Happier Lifestyle Essay

Dancing Minimizes Depression and Promotes a Happier Lifestyle Essay

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Shake It Off
So you think you can’t dance? You might want to ask yourself that question again. If you already did, and you still think you can’t, then ask yourself that question several times until you think you can. Dancing is not difficult, you just move with the rhythm of the song. This is not a test; there is no right or wrong answers, or in this case, movements. Yes, you might look a bit funny at first, but no one dances the same, so that should be an incentive for those non dancers to give it a try. For centuries, dancing has been used in ceremonies, celebrations, and entertainment, but the positive attributes that come along with dancing are much greater than what is seen. Before you keep reading, I want to make something clear. No, I’m not referring to dancing as ballet, folklore, or tap dancing; those may be too difficult or “advanced” for many of us, including myself. When I mention dancing, I refer to it as its dictionary definition, “to move one’s feet or body, or both in a pattern of steps, accompanied by music.” This demonstrates that dancing is something we are all capable of doing, we just need to be willing to try. So now that this is clear, let’s continue learning about one of the positive effects of dancing. Dancing has far more positive aspects than entertainment, dancing is a way to release stress and minimize depression, while creating a positive and healthy environment.
Dancing minimizes depression and promotes a happier lifestyle for many people. According to Swedish Researcher, writing in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, half of 112 girls who were struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression took weekly dancing classes, and indicated that they improved in mental health and reported a...

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...reate a dramatic ‘dancers high’. Well here is is, if you thought the only thing that existed was ‘runners high’ then you were wrong! As endorhines are released it allows people to be in happy mood, reducing depression for the time dancing is taking place, but in the long run it serves as a way to get your mind used to feeling good and having a positive attitude towards life.
So if you thought dancing didn't contribute to your health, then now you know you were mistaken. If you want to get out of that depression that does not allow you to be happy then dance. Get a group of friends or dance by yourself. Just don’t be shy and wobble like you don’t care. Have fun and most importantly remember that you come first, therefore you need to take care of yourself in order to be able to care about the rest. Just put on some music and get ready to shake off that depression!

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