Essay on Dance Schools Are Exploding All Over Australia And The World

Essay on Dance Schools Are Exploding All Over Australia And The World

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Dance schools are exploding all over Australia and the world, but are they over-sexualising little girls with their moves, grooves, costumes and makeup?

This highly controversial question has been present throughout the dance industry for years with parents beginning to become more invested in their child 's safety, especially when it comes to performing in front of an audience full of strangers. Choreography, explicit song choices and tiny costumes on young female dancers are becoming an opinionated subject and highly debatable topic, therefore making it crucial to understand the ramifications which may come from sexuallising young dancers at all levels of society.

Firstly, to gather more information about what the general public thought of this point of inquisition, I utilised my questionnaire to ask whether or not they thought that dancers could be sexualised by dance routines/costumes, even at a young age. 50.9% of respondents answered “yes” and 46.6% answered “sometimes.” These results indicate that a total of 97.5% of individuals believe that young dancers (especially girls) can be sexuallised by dance routines and costumes. Due to the teacher’s/choreographer 's deliberate choice of costumes and routines , it seems reasonable to conclude that these people consider sexualising young girls to be part of the social norm, and are comfortable sexualising them in the context of a dance routine.

My experience with this comes from participant observation at a local dance eisteddfod. I had expressed concerns with my dance teacher that the hip hop dance we were performing was too sexual which ultimately made me not want to perform. My dance teacher however, believed that there was nothing wrong with the dance and emphasized that ev...

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... singing to songs that are popular on the radio and popular in pop culture right now.” These videos have become subsequent to media attacks, but not taken down for breaching any forms of community guidelines, enhancing the ever-growing continuity of acceptance for the sexualisation of young female dancers.

The sexualisation of young female dancers through choreography, costumes and song choice has become an extensive problem for the dance industry, and has furthermore resulted in new dancing legislations which have been put in place to ensure the safety of children, even if parents refuse to do so. It also has the ability to cause severe detriment to the lives of those who are involved with the activity. Our changing society has made this sexualisation part of the norm for young dancers for years, but is no longer being tolerated by the authorities of the industry.

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