Dance Education For The Elderly Essay

Dance Education For The Elderly Essay

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Dance Education
Dance education for the elderly is a topic that our group didn’t know a lot about so it was interesting when all age groups were assigned to the group. When it came to finding research on the elderly and how they learn dance, it became increasingly difficult to find information that didn’t have to do solely with dance science. It was understood that often times the elderly use dance as a form of physical therapy to help stimulate motor movement, but this however was not the focus of our group’s research. After browsing through countless therapy sites and books on how dance can improve the aging body, we changed our search of focus to find out different ways in which dancers of all ages can be taught.
The idea of different teaching methods came up often in group discussion and how we could elaborate on how the styles of teaching change how dancers learn. This however took us off the original path that we had set out on. There is a plethora of books written on the most efficient ways of teaching dance of all styles and the correct way of teaching. Our group began to find that information about teaching methods is very opinionated and often times was too related to biology and not enough about teaching the movement. By looking at sources like The National Dance Education Organization our group was able to find a clearer definition of what we wanted our final research conclusion to be about.
After we officially decided that we needed to focus more on how the dancers or students themselves learn versus the ways of teaching them, our group began to look for sources that discussed learning. By narrowing the search we found more information about the development of a dance student and how dance is an all-around benefit...

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...easing your neural connectivity.”
Researching this work is very important to our group because we are all dancers and we are continuing to grow in knowledge about the art that we have been involved with our whole lives. Based on our experiences, dance education has been focused on the teacher distributing the information to the students and running into altercations due to some students receiving information well and others taking longer time. The process in which different age groups learn is vital in understanding how to teach dance effectively. We believe the teaching methods should overall focus on complementing each of the learning processes to dancers as it is being taught since it varies depending on the age of the group. Information about dance education is analyzed more on younger children than adolescents and adults therefore that gap needs to be filled.

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