The Dance Concert By Kelly Roth Essay examples

The Dance Concert By Kelly Roth Essay examples

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From the beginning of class I learned that what defines dance is based on of four elements: motion/movement, time/rhythm, space, and shape. All these four elements combined with awareness is what makes up the real definition of dance. In Lehi’s Dream, choreographed by Kelly Roth, I was able to experienced first eye as an audience the real definition of dance. Through Kelly’s piece, I was able to be transported to a dimension where I was able to see the movement, time, space and shape as its own.
Throughout the dance concert, I was intrigued by the way Kelly convey me to see the four main elements that compose the meaning of dance in one way or another. I was able to see the importance of movement and space through the H2O+ section of the concert. Dancers moving together from one side of the stage to the other, moving bodies simulating the way a wave moves. The way Kelly portrayed the waves in the ocean through the dancer 's movement was peaceful, elegant and graceful. When the music started and the dancers began to move together, rolled on the floor, locked with one another and cras...

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