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Dance Analysis : Dance Concert Essay example

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Nguyen Nguyen
DANC 1148.P01
Dance Concert Critique
In a busy life as today, people are easy to get stress. There are many ways to relieve stress, and dance is my choice. I always feel better either when I dance or just see people dance. On April 08th, 2016, I attended a dance concert called Make Your Move like an audience. It was performed at John Anthony Theatre – Spring Creek Campus of Collin College. The concert consists of many styles of dancing from different College and University such as Collin College, West Texas A&M University, and Illinois State University. Two performances that I like best were Intus and 9.28.11.
Intus was a production of choreographer Sara Mott with the music theme called Tied Knots by The Album Leaf. Intus is a Latin word meaning “inside, within, from within”. “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside you” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). That sentence kind of expresses what Intus wanted to perform. As the title suggests, the dance, as a whole, portrayed a series of picturesque scenes of a person who try to express herself, express a real person between her shadows. This piece was a pleasant and dramatic piece. A person who will be pleasant if she was herself; however, the dramatic will happen if her wickedness grows up. There were four dancers in this performance. The costumes worn by the dancers enhanced the theme of this piece through the use of white color between dark theme and the thin, flowy dresses, which highlighted the soft, gliding and falling movements of the dancers. At the beginning of the performance, they performed gentle movements like stretch or whirl on soothing music. However, in the middle of the performance, thei...

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...try to improve themselves more and more.
In conclusion, the dancers were highly skilled in technical movements and well rehearsed. They had a sense of fullness was present on stage as well as the choreography had utilized the space well. Besides that, there was a good balance and harmony between dancers. Many of the movements were designed to convey certain emotions intentionally and effectively. In all, both the technical and the theatrical, as well as the expressive component, were very well conveyed in this concert. I was so happy and interested in attending this concert. I love to dance. That why I took a dance class every semester. That not only makes me get a good health but also helps me to relax after studying hard. Being an audience of the dance concert and being a dancer, that is better choice to balance between a stress life. That is my idea about dance.

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