Dance : A Part Of The Pva Dance Program Essay

Dance : A Part Of The Pva Dance Program Essay

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As a part of the PVA dance program, I feel my perspective on both the scope of dance as an art form, and the multi-faceted approaches to dance, have broadened. I have had a great number of opportunities over the past three years to push myself and to witness others push themselves in creating and performing dance. I have also been humbled by the extent of talent I have witnessed in my peers and teachers, and these experiences not only allowed me to be more open to dance in all it 's forms, but also encouraged me to continually strive to better my dancing. Although I will most likely not pursue a career in dance, the work ethic and value system which I have learned in my three years of dancing with PVA, will continue to shape my perspective on myself and the world around me.
Prior to entering into the program, I had a fairly narrow view on what dance could be and how it was to be approached. In my years of dance classes leading up to high school, I had only had one type of experience with dancing and it wasn’t until I joined Alberta Dance theatre in 2011 that I was exposed to the type of work done in the PVA program as well, and I feel that had I not joined ADT, I would have been far less receptive to the artistic growth encouraged as a part of PVA. Prior to these experiences, dance had not really played a significant role in my life and while I went to class I was apathetic about my own improvement. I had little technical skill and even less perspective on the artistic scope of dance.Prior to entering the program I would have not had the knowledge required for classical ballet journals such as the 2015 one asking how to teach a sissone ferme a la seconde. Under Ms. Jackie’s teaching, I was able to produce the adequate enough an...

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...vising expanded greatly because of that class and it really helped to shift my perspective on the incredible potential of dance as a form of creative expression.
While I don’t think I will be pursuing dance as a career choice, I think I will continue to take classes and see professional performances. Over the past three years, dance has become such a big part of my life, and the community created in PVA is one which has fostered my growth in all aspects of my life. I stated in dance journal #5 this year that “While dance may not play a huge role in my future education or career choices, I feel it has prepared me for challenges I may face in other aspects of my life. Because of dance I am more disciplined, more open to critique, and have a greater drive to improve and recognize areas I should improve upon, traits I feel which have been developed in class and onstage”.

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