Essay on The Damsel And I.

Essay on The Damsel And I.

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The Damsel and I
Introduction to the Archetype
The Damsel has spanned throughout history as a popular archetype in literature, movies, and music. Through these forms of entertainment, The Damsel is portrayed as naïve, innocent, and feeble. In media, she eagerly awaits to be rescued and protected by a handsome prince, and live “happily ever after.” The Damsel has potential for greatness, yet only realizes it when guided by a prince. In addition to the naïve feebleness of The Damsel, the archetype originally symbolized purity, kindness, and an immunity to the taint of evil. In relation to romance, the light attributes of The Damsel encourages her to rely on herself, and recognize the qualities of a healthy romance. The shadow attributes of The Damsel embodies our modern perception of her, this includes her inability to defend herself, and the need to be rescued.
I have embodied The Damsel on multiple occasions throughout my life, specifically during instances where I am experiencing low self-confidence and intense loneliness. Throughout the years, I have developed a pattern regarding intimate relationships that prevents me from facing The Damsel archetype within myself. When I have concluded that a relationship has lost its spark, I begin to strategize on how to end it gracefully, and arrange a new relationship to assume its position. I fear prolonged periods of loneliness, as I am left to face my inner-critics on my own. Intimate relationships act as a distraction to my internal wounds, as I tend to focus on my time with the person involved. Often times the relationship one its own personifies the ‘rescuer’ engaged with The Damsel archetype. I have found myself involved with individuals in the past who were abusive both mentally a...

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...ust in their actions. When suddenly, it dawned on me that I have behaved similar to that individual in the past. Although, I have never manipulated anyone for sexual benefits, I have coerced people into emotionally rescuing me. Through this realization, I have let go of my distain for this person, and begun working on improving my relationship with The Damsel archetype.
Archetypes and the Chakras
The chakra that resembles the light and shadow attributes of The Damsel archetype is the Heart Chakra. Like The Damsel archetype, the Heart Chakra’s purpose is to obtain balance and love. The heart chakra is secure when an individual exhibits acceptance within themselves and others.
In my opinion, The Damsel is balanced when one is able to identify and reflect on what a healthy relationship means to them, while having a strong sense of self-reliance and self-acceptance.

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