Dam Building on the Yom River Essay

Dam Building on the Yom River Essay

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Dam Building on the Yom River
The proposed for Kaeng Sua Ten dam project has provoked controversy for more than ten years. Due to fierce objection from the locals, the government's aspiring aims to construct the dams in Phrae province's Tambon Sa-Iab may never leave the drawing board. The government declared that the dam was essential. It would reduce flooding, ease seasonal drought areas, and lead to agricultural development. Dams are a crucial component for industry and hydropower and attracting many local and international investors. On the other hand, the locals, fierce resistance of the project claimed that the project was ineffective and unsustainable. Furthermore, it would impair the ecosystem and livelihood of the villagers. They demanded for an effective precipitation in decision-making and conservation of Mae Yom National Park (Wongruang, 2012) . I strongly believed that the construction of Kaeng Sua Ten dam should be stopped as it is inefficient and unsustainable, it damage forest ecosystem, forest biodiversity, and livelihood of the villagers, as well as leaving little room for social justice .
First and foremost, Kaeng Sua Ten dam cannot successfully relieve flood, reduce drought or even generate electricity. In order for the dam to be able to control floods, it must be able to store a large volume of the water. Hence, the reservoir must be empty to store sufficient floodwaters. However, it is not possible. Kaeng Sua Ten is a medium-sized dam, which has a capacity of around one billion cubic meters of water. It has a certain amount of water at all time to generate electricity (Eamwiwatkit, 1996). This means that the dam is unable to aid the local during the period of drought. The water is not supp...

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