Daisy Buchanan: the True Inhabitant of the Wasteland in "The Great Gatsby"

Daisy Buchanan: the True Inhabitant of the Wasteland in "The Great Gatsby"

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Daisy it the true inhabitant of the wasteland because of the fact that even though she’s being betrayed by her husband and has been throughout their entire marriage she still stays with Tom even though Daisy has another man, Gatsby, that truly loves her and would be loyal to Daisy. The only reason why she doesn’t go to Gatsby is because Daisy wants to keep her social standing with “old money” even though Daisy might be unhappy having the last name of Buchanan and having the old money that comes with that last name means more to Daisy then being happy with Gatsby even though he has “New money”. So Daisy is the true inhabitant of the wasteland because she essentially wastes her life away, Daisy has the opportunity to better her life but because her ego gets in the way she stays in the same situation she’s always been in and will always be in. Daisy even comments in chapter one how she hopes her daughter is a “beautiful fool” she says this because in that time woman would ignore certain things to stay away from tension-filled situations, like if Daisy were to confront Tom about him chea...

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