The Daily Routine That Teachers Follow And The Difficulties They Are Facing

The Daily Routine That Teachers Follow And The Difficulties They Are Facing

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This field experience paper will discuss and take consideration into the daily routine that teachers follow and the difficulties they are facing. This paper also provides adequate details on how teachers practice inclusion in their classrooms, in what ways the Common Core Standards have impacted their teaching methods and what important issues current teachers and future teachers will be facing in their careers. Having this knowledge as an upcoming teacher will better prepare the individual for the challenges they will face and the best way for them to meet the needs of all their students.

For this field experience assignment, I chose to attend Thorner Elementary School which is a magnet school and is a part of the Bakersfield City School District. The teacher I chose to interview was Mrs. Yabiku who currently teaches third grade. I have observed at this school numerous times and enjoy the teachers, how they can manage their students and keep them engaged in the learning. After reading the SARC Report Card on Thorner, there was a few facts and numbers that stood out to me. Currently, Thorner has a total of 874 students with the highest percentages in the Latino/Hispanic at 64.2 percent and Whites at 21.7 percent. A percentage that stood out to me immensely was the ‘socioeconomically disadvantaged’ at 70.7 percent. This percentage clearly shows that many of the students at this school are coming from a background that most people would say, ‘sets the individual up for failure’. These are the children who receive free breakfast and lunch during the day, and have the most difficulty in being able to complete their work during the day, do their homework, and overall, focus. These students most likely come from a home en...

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... lower levels, extra teaching staff is added to the class to give small group instruction to fill the gaps. She said that this year, their Special Ed teacher can push into some RTI groups to give support. The students are reassessed every quarter and then regrouped. The students who fall within a higher category are given more challenging activities to help them go beyond.
After conducting this interview with Mrs. Yabiku, I feel like I have learned a lot of information on inclusion, Common Core, and the various programs they are using to help all their students, regardless of their learning ability level. I understand that as a future teacher, I will have my hands full in trying to handle and meet all the necessary standards but I know it will be a rewarding experience and hopefully I’ll be able to make a positive difference in a student’s life and academic career.

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