Essay on Dada And Pop Art Research

Essay on Dada And Pop Art Research

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Dada and Pop art are two different periods of time that were both created after incidents that had left the world in devastation. Dada was the idea that anything could be classified as art. Whist Pop art was the idea that everyday items, such as consumer goods, along with mass media, was the straightforward style of life; and made art out of these. Two of the biggest artists around to the world who were a part of these times 2 eras; Marcel Duchamp (1887 - 1968) of the Dada and Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) who was a part of the Pop art. With two of their biggest influenced artworks being; Bicycle - Marcel Duchamp and Big Electric Chair - Andy Warhol. Although each of the periods of time was created on something completely different, there are still some common factors that are shared between the two.

The Dada period started around 1915 and finishing around 1924, over the time span that Dada came, it was because of something close to a reaction that was starting to arise from the nationalist people that were one of the main causes of World War I. But even though it was something tragic that was happening in the time of the creating of this different style of art, it was still mocked and judged by how different the main idea and style of it. The concept of Dada was that the artist didn’t need to create something pretty and aesthetic, but to generate questions in the society of the time and the role of and artist while making fun of them in a way. With a vast majority of these supposed ‘art pieces’ being classified as readymades, meaning that they were already made in the world and found by someone else; who had eventually created something creative and reused. One of the artists that had made a massive impact on the Dada time, ...

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...cific time period, a similarity.

Dada and Pop Art
In conclusion, Dadaism and Pop Art are two varying art movement from around the world, but despite a couple of differences, they had the same idea; Art can be anything. Along with knowing that both pieces were created in post-war times and in this specific period of time, many were judged and criticized for being different. Both movement believing that anything can be art and that you can make art however you like and can still classify it as beauty. Finally, Dada will always be remembered for how they used already still and made items and turned them into something aesthetic and questioning and Pop Art will always be known for making anything into art if you tampered with it. Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp were the two biggest influences of their time, with their names being remembered for many years to come.

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