Dad With Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, And Olympia Dukakis Essay

Dad With Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, And Olympia Dukakis Essay

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I chose to watch the movie “DAD” with Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, and Olympia Dukakis, just to name a few of the actors. In the past, I’ve seen “ The Notebook” and absolutely loved it but I wanted to give myself a new opportunity with a fresh perspective.

DAD is a story about a family, aging parents, controlling personalities, estranged son’s, and the power of love, as well as the dynamics of relationships. I found the movie to be a very accurate portrayal of not only getting old, but more importantly, about missed opportunities, taking people for granted, and the power of love along with dedication and loyalty.

This movie begins by telling the story of a husband and wife (Jack Lemmon and Olympia Dukakis) who live a very regimented life as the man is starting to slow down and his controlling wife is taking the lead. One of the opening scenes is that Lemmon goes into his bathroom where his toothbrush is laid out with toothpaste on it, along with his comb and razor. Everything is nicely arranged on the countertop so that he will remember what to do when he goes into the bathroom. The day continues where his wife makes him the same breakfast each day, butters his toast, and then allows him to follow her around with their routine for the day, such as trailing behind in the grocery store.

During their mid week grocery store visit, she gets a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Their daughter calls her brother (Ted Danson) who lives out of town, to fly down and assist with this family emergency.

His assistance turns into a very long visit and a string of events beginning with Ted Danson trying to teach his father to be more self sufficient so that his wife can have less stress when she comes home. A bond d...

... middle of paper ...

...d we are starting the dance of switching roles as I’m doing more of their larger responsibilities, like their bank accounts, adding in the multi generational issues with an estranged nephew, who has no parents, moving back to California in the next few weeks, and has a tumultuous relationship with his grandfather, who is someone who never learned how not to over react. Three generations about to try and come together again really has a lot of similarities to this movie. I’m optimistic enough to believe that with laughter, and a lot of wine, we all will prevail! And in this saga, I’ve been appointed the director! Roll em!

I would recommend this movie to anyone who has aging parents or is struggling with a multi-generational family. This movie portrays an accurate account of the trials and tribulations of family, including life and respect for all cycles of life.

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