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Dachshunds are one cutest dog breeds around and they will try to get away with bloody murder. They appear so innocent, and it is hard to argue that they are not so cute. They seem to know it too, and that is why Dachshund training requires a rather different approach and should not be attempted by those who are not willing to stand up in showing who is in control and who is not.
But, do they really require special training, or is this stretching things a bit. Let's take a closer look in describing what makes Dachshunds different from other breeds of dogs. They are at times the most stubborn, determined and headstrong adversaries that you can go up against in the dog world. It is will take more than a fair share of patience for Dachshund training, and they have a mind of their own. Training often boils down to a war of the wills and the best man/dog will prevail.
It is like a guessing game, and to get them to do what you want you must play a guessing game of “well let’s make a deal and reach some kind of compromise on all of this, as we don’t need to make this process any more difficult than what is has to be.
The first rule of battle is that you are up only against a mere dog, and your contender is not as clever or experienced as you. Don’t give in to those big brown eyes and awe of cuteness. As soon as you give in a bit, the battle is lost. You may never make up the lost ground. As with the rules of war, you must give all respect and abide by the treaties of war, and don’t fall prey to wanting to use excessive force. You have to show him that you are a better man and will not lose control of the situation, no matter what he will throw up against you.
Just remember, this is for the mut...

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... to be effective with Dachshunds, and will be proved counterproductive in the end. They are just too strong-willed and will not crack under pressure. Dachshunds will become more even stubborn in their resolve, and excessive punishment will be met with aggression. It is better to use psychology methods in dealing with behavior modification, and positive reinforcement is effective in rewarding good behaviors and reducing bad behavior. Dachshunds will respond to physical attention and treats as extrinsic rewards.
Dachshund training is a challenging experience, and not for the meek and weak of heart. Much time, energy and patience is required. It is definitely a battle of the wills, and you should be warned, that cute little puppy can get the upper hand, and they is no step backwards, you can win many battles but lose the war, especially as your cute puppy matures.

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