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CHAIRMAN - Mr. V.C.Burman
CEO- Mr. Sunil Duggal
INDUSTRY- Health care and food
HEADQUARTERS-Dabur tower, kaushambi
Manufacturing Plant was set up in 1896.

In 1919, the research laboratories were set up.
In 1920, it got expanded further and in 1936 it became Dabur India Pvt. Ltd.
Then later in 1995 it came out to be in Joint Venture business.
In 2012 Dabur crosses Billion-Dollar turnover mark.
Currently is the largest Indian Consumer Goods Manufacturing Company.
It has a turnover of Rs. 5283cr.
The products are marketed in more than 50 countries worldwide
The products Dabur Chyawanprash and Hajmola itself give revenue of Rs 100cr each.
It’s ranked as no.2 Indian green brand by Green Brands Global Survey.

Dabur focuses on three major strategic business units like-
1. Consumer care division- includes personal care, consumer health care, home care and foods
2. International business division- catering to health and personal care needs of customers
3. Consumer health division- products that deliver to the old-age benefits

It started with many initiatives like that of-
-Rain water harvesting was a focused activity
-Sustainable development society (SUNDESH) in 1993 for the development of the rural and urban poor
- Medicinal plant project, to provide the modern technology for cultivation of required medicinal herbs of Himalayas to the farmers.
- Promoting health and hygiene amongst the underprivileged through ChunniLal medical trust
-Organizing the plant for life programmed for school children-to create environmental awareness among young minds


To provide effective and a...

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Keep innovating
Output of non-organized sectors
Crystal clear brand and product differentiation

Dabur is a big conglomerate. It has many brands and sub-brands under it.
The company is running at a successful rate through its efforts.
They know how to satisfy their consumers as they are the vital asset for their company.
They are taking their business to overseas and trying to expand it more.

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