Essay on Da Vinci Vs. Van Der Weyden

Essay on Da Vinci Vs. Van Der Weyden

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Da Vinci VS. Van Der Weyden

Leonardo Da Vinci would often paint religious painting, later become quite well known for them. He made no exception when he painted the Virgin of the Rocks also known as the Madonna of the Rocks. This painting features Mary, the mother of Jesus, baby Jesus, baby John the Baptist, and an angel. They all sit together on a rocking background pointing to Jesus as he prays. This painting is actually a set of two paintings that depict the same image for the purpose of this painting the focus will be on the Louvre version, or the first version of the painting. (Vinci, 1452) Painted for the chapel for a church in Milan, it was said to not have fit the picture that da Vinci’s client had in mind, which led to the creation of the second version of the painting.
The painting is by no means a disappointment to Da Vinci’s name in fact it followed the stylistic similarities found in his other works. It was one of the first of his Milan paintings to show the holy figures of Mary, Jesus, John, and the Angle to be bathed in a soft light with the rocky background making ...

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