D-Day Landing and Capturing Pointe-du-Hoc Essay

D-Day Landing and Capturing Pointe-du-Hoc Essay

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It was cold and windy on the morning of June 6th ("The Weather on D-Day."). The allied nations of Great Britain, Canada and the United States finally had made the preparations for a massive amphibious assault on a portion of the beaches of Normandy, France. Tens of thousands of soldiers were aboard the hundreds of landing craft en route to France. Today could be the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany; but first, we must take the beaches.
As the boat I was on approached the shore, it began rocking bad enough to start to take on water, and we had to use our helmets to empty it out of the boat. The deafening noise of our ships bombarding the coast to try to clear out the Germans had an eerie sullenness as the Germans hunkered down inside their bunkers as all hell broke loose around them. Then, everything was quiet; the navies had stopped their barrage, meaning our time to land was imminent.
I could start to make out movement on top of the cliffs as posts were being prepared for our arrival. My boat was still about twenty yards out and I began a mental countdown in my head. Our boat was getting a grip on the surf and D Company would go charging out over the beach to the cliffs. As the landing ramp opened, the first half dozen or so men fell immediately to machine gun fire ("History of the US Rangers."). We ran as fast as we could onto the beach and started to crawl for what seemed like years towards our target, Pointe-du-Hoc and its five 155 mm. guns. After hours we had finally reached and scaled the cliffs; but when I reached the top, nothing looked familiar, there were craters everywhere and we all took cover (“Scaling the Cliff.”).
We were quickly targeted by a machine gun emplacement that didn’t get hit earlier. H...

... middle of paper ...

...itions and to prevent the Germans from taking back the cliffs while the rest of the force was still preparing to get around the cliffs. As the day waned on June 7th, we were down to less than one hundred men and the Germans attacked relentlessly both day and night and at the end of it all, we were only fifty strong, but we never lost Pointe-du-Hoc ("Scaling the Cliff."). However, the question remains, is victory worth all of this.

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