D-Day: Events that lead to the Invasion and Outcomes Essay

D-Day: Events that lead to the Invasion and Outcomes Essay

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D-Day – Events that lead to the Invasion and Outcomes

After about three years of international tension accumulating, the Anschulus (Which is Germany in unity) and Adolf Hitler's occupation of the Sudenland, Along with the invasion of Czechoslovakia brought about Hitler's invasion of Poland in September of 1939. Hitler, decorated veteran of World War I, was accused and convicted of high treason. He was sentenced to Landsberg Prison for five years. Hitler leading the “Beer Hall Putsch” was his first attempt to seize German government. He strongly disagreed with Germany's democratic government, leftist politics, and Jews. Hitler's incarceration was a defining time for himself in German history.
After the invasion of Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany. The United States publically claimed to be neutral during these events, however, they did supply Britain with the essentials needed during the war. Germany with its U-boats, and Britain with its naval convoy, continued to battle on the Atlantic. Civilians of Western Europe also began to prepare for war. Gasmasks and food supply essentials were prepared and stored as they waited for war to begin. Britain began rationing in the early year of 1940, the United Kingdom ported twenty million tons of food per year. Germany attacked ships bound for Britain, by doing so, they created conflict with the Britanian industries. This strategy was used to starve the nation and gain control. Concerning food shortages, the ministry of food began the rationing system. To buy needed items, civilians had to register at certain shops and was provided with a book containing coupons.
The Winter War between Finland and Russia ended in March, shortly after Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. Nor...

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...nformation on other German defenses, attacks, and strongholds. Although the information that was gathered by the specialists were very little in amounts, it led the Allied forces closer to their victory, as the true fight against the Germans was just beginning.

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