D-Day and its Victory Essay

D-Day and its Victory Essay

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On June 6, 1944 The Allied Forces of America, Britain, and Canada had devised and launched a plan to invade Normandy, France and take it back from the mass German occupation, this invasion took 2 years of planning and preparation in order the allied forces to achieve victory and was still a big gamble for the Allied Forces despite all the preparation for it. This was invasion named “Operation Overlord” by American General Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower and would soon to be known as D-day, one of the biggest victories against Nazi Germany occupation in World War II. Many important events and battles occurred in order for D –day to be as successful as it was however, if D-day hadn’t happened or failed, the end of World War 2 would’ve been further delayed date and a completely different outcome of the war however, what were the key things that made allied victory on D-Day possible? In my opinion, the keys to allied victory on D-day were the Omaha beach landing, operation fortitude, and the invasion on Pointe du hoc.

D day had already been a risky invasion to begin despite all the planning one of the most dangerous parts of it were The beach landings on Normandy the capture of all five beaches was essential for the invasion to work if a single one failed the plan the was ruined and the worst of it and most risky part of it was for the Americans at Omaha Beach before some the soldiers had even reached the shore they had already suffered significant casualties and in fact, the enemy defenses were stronger than the U.S expected they were artillery and gun points all along the cliffs the beach causing 3,000 casualties within the first few hours of fighting . Very little progress had been made in the push to the interior and this caused sign...

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... artillery from Pointe du hoc, a high vantage cliff point perpendicular to Omaha and Utah beach, the artillery point made it very easy for German artillery to attack U.S troops on the beach, in the water and also the naval and air force squads until the U.S rangers were deployed to climb up the cliff avoiding German soldiers dropping explosives on them and take Pointe du hoc . Taking Pointe du hoc from the Germans was key to allied victory on d day because it prevented the German artillery squads from using their artillery and major gun points on Omaha and Utah beach and had to be eliminated, it also forced the artillery squads to move their artillery further inland leaving tracks for U.S rangers to follow to the source of their artillery and destroy it permanently disabling all German artillery on D day that is why point du hoc is essential to the D day invasion.

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